Coolant Filters & Coolant Filter Suppliers in Qatar

Coolant is generally termed as a substance which is used to regulate the temperature inside a system. Coolants can either be in a gaseous or liquid/fluid state depending upon its usage scenario.

Coolants are very important to keep the temperature inside the engine steady and within prescribed limits. If the temperature gets too hot, the gaskets and the liners inside the engine might melt and cause failures. If the temperature is too cold, the engine might not even start.

Coolant filters are employed to ensure the desirable properties such as high thermal capacity, high boiling point etc stay the same by preventing the contaminants from outside entering the coolant and reduce/decrease its heat transfer properties which might lead to engine failure.

Coolant Filter

Coolant Filters in Qatar

In a tropical country like Qatar, the summer winds will carry a lot of contaminants from the ground as well as air, such as dust and other coarse particles that might end up in the coolant lines of automobile/industrial engines.

This significantly increases the load on the coolant filter to trap these particulates as much as possible to ensure the heat transfer capability of the coolant remains above the prescribed level.

Coolant filters used in automobile/industrial engines in Qatar require a frequent check-up to ensure that the filters are not clogged with dust or other contaminants due to the high ambient temperature in the surroundings.

Coolant Filter suppliers in Qatar

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