Proguard Filters & Proguard Filter Suppliers in Qatar

Proguard is a brand name of Indonesian filter manufacturing company PT Buanatama metalindo.

Proguard products are known for their reliability and long life expectancy when it comes to filters for heavy-duty engines.

Proguard Filters in Qatar

Proguard offers a wide range of filters in the Qatar market targeted specifically at heavy machinery. The filters which are most in-demand in the region are air, fuel, coolant and oil filter along with fuel filter water separator.

These filters are properly quality tested from the factory to ensure proper working under various engine conditions.

To make sure the filters work in hot and humid conditions as that of Qatar, each Proguard filter goes through three sets of tests – efficiency, capacity and durability test before leaving the factory.

Proguard Filter

Proguard Filter Suppliers in Qatar

It is always important to make sure that the filter you purchase from the local store is genuine.

Filters are important components of the engine and cheap knock offs will affect the engine performance adversely and can cause a significant dip in the productivity of the machine.

Hydrocare trading WLL is a leading Proguard filter supplier in Qatar with years of expertise in dealing with filters and related accessories.

You can purchase these filters from Hydrocare physical stores at various locations throughout Qatar with the surety that they are genuine and reliable for use without any issues.